Where the Heart is


If you put any experienced hostess to the test, they are going to have an attendee CAP. The number of people they are most comfortable with hosting at one time.  For most, it’s 6-8 for seated dinner, 20-30 for reception or barbeque.  Their “serving cap”.  THAT is where I can help.  Any number of people can be entertained, with the right preparation and knowledge.  Believe it or not… you can have FUN doing it.

I’m a Southerner born and raised, with a family that has 25+ years in the business of event and hospitality management. Yes, we plan parties. No, that’s not all we do. My husband and I also own a CrossFit gym here in West Hartford, CT.

With this site, I hope to not only bring you GREAT recipes from my family to yours, but teach you some tips and tricks along the way for quantity food preparation as well as table settings, decor, room flow, hostess etiquette, holiday prep and planning, etc. etc. etc.  I’ll also take you behind the scenes to my events and the many many beautiful things I get to see and how they are done.  Who knows… maybe you can even see a tip or trick that I missed and bring us all in on the discussion.

If there is one thing I know for sure about this industry (of food, flowers, and fun) is that it changes EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Just when you think you know the newest and best, someone throws a “fork” into it.

I can’t wait to bring you all on this adventure with me.  A lifetime of knowledge finally down on “paper”.  Who knows, maybe a cookbook next?