2016 Fall Pumpkin PickingMy name is Bobbi Lynn.  I’ve been in and around the hospitality industry for nearly 25 years, but southern my entire life.  I grew up wanting nothing to do with entertaining anyone personally, due to my professional life. Most people don’t bring their work home… Until I realized, I LOVE MY WORK!  Entertaining, food, parties, decor, table settings, what is not to love?

I’m going on this venture to bring my experience to everyone’s households.  There are so many things we can learn from the pro’s, to help us be better hosts and hostess.  I’ll be incorporating my favorite recipes, and teaching a bit about quantity food preparations (big a** party planning).

My Husband Erik and I also own a CrossFit gym, so i’ll be throwin in some healthy stuff here and there too.  Lord knows I can’t have sugar and flour in everything I cook, he would kill me.